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"11% of shippers use consultants to negotiate freight contracts.  Consultants negotiate more favorable rates, driving discounts 49% lower than if the company negotiates."  Morgan Stanley/Parcel Magazine "Annual Best Practices Survey" 

Is your company still going at carrier negotations alone?  Based on industry statistics, 9 out of 10 are spending at least 10% more than necessary.

Because our team has "insider" knowledge of carrier pricing, Transult consultants are able to quickly determine if you're paying too much. 

Moreover, third party consultants can leverage analytical tools, benchmarking knowledge, and carrier relationships to reduce your company's shipping expenses by as much as 30%.

That's "found money" that positively affects your bottomline.  Most importantly, we recapture those dollars that were left on the table in your previous negotiations.  We guarantee savings or we're not paid!

Other benefits:

  • Save Time by Outsourcing to the Experts
  • Improve Discounts 25%
  • Reduce Surcharges 25%
  • Ensure Invoice Accuracy
  • Immediate ROI
  • Risk Free

You have nothing to lose, except excess shipping costs!