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Transult consultants have authored hundreds of transportation management related articles and are quoted extensively in industry publications including Parcel, Traffic World, The Journal of MAIL Communications, Logistics Management, Multichannel Merchant, O+F Advisor, Supply Chain Management Review, DC Velocity, Retail Online Integration, and Mailing Systems Technologies to name a few. 


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Parcel Shippers Must Use LeverageSupply Chain Management Review (Jan 2011)

Forecasting Critical Changes in the Carrier Market, Multichannel Merchant (Dec 2010)

UPS and FedEx to Get Greener in 2011, Multichannel Merchant (Dec 2010)

Metrics - Annual Best Practices Survey, Parcel (Dec 2010)

Automation Options for Parcel Shippers, Multichannel Merchant (Sept 2010)

Carrier Policies on Third Party Consultants, Parcel (Sept 2010)

Single or Multi-Source Parcel Carriers, Parcel (May-June 2010)

How to Choose Between Single Sourcing & Multi-Sourcing Carriers, Multichannel Merchant (March 2010)

Negotiating Parcel Contracts for 2010, Multichannel Merchant (Feb 2010)

Benchmarking Parcel Rates & Services, Multichannel Merchant (Feb 2010)

Parcel Express Roundtable 2010, Logistics Management (Jan 2010)

Best Practices in Returns Management, Multichannel Merchant (Dec 2009)

2009 Parcel Returns Survey: Best Practices in Returns Management, Parcel (Nov 2009)

Inside Real-Life Carrier Negotiations, Multichannel Merchant (July 2009)

The Story on Shipping With the USPS, Multichannel Merchant (May 2009)

Secrets to Savings on Shipping & Handling, Multichannel Merchant (March 2009)

Parcel Express Roundtable 2009, Logistics Management (Jan 2009)

Picking a Parcel Consultant, Multichannel Merchant (Nov 2008)

Shipper Scorecard: Is Your Carrier Making the Grade?, Multichannel Merchant (Aug 2008)

Parcel Carrier Performance: What to Track, Multichannel Merchant (July 2008)

How to Cope With Rising Shipping Costs, Multichannel Merchant (July 2008)

On the Return Trip: Managing Reverse Logistics, Multichannel Merchant (May 2008)

Negotiating Better Carrier Pricing for Smaller Businesses, ShippingCoach.com (April 2008)

Getting Your Goods Across the Globe, Multichannel Merchant (Mar 2008)

A Look at International Distribution, Multichannel Merchant, (Feb 2008)

Making a Rate Case: Save on Shipping by Renegotiating Carrier Contracts, Multichannel Merchant (Jan 2008)


Transult's presentations are consistently rated “Best-in-Show”.  Our consultants have presented at Parcel Forum, Operations Summit, National Postal Forum, CLDA, MAILCOM, Institute for Supply Management, NASSTRAC, Nattional Association of Purchasing Managers, National Association of Colleges and University Mail Centers, AIMED, Mail Expo, Postal Customer Council’s and Mail Systems Management Association.

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